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Make Misogyny a Hate Crime

The context

Our campaign to make misogyny a hate crime started in 2014 when our Nottingham Citizens alliance of community organisations conducted a large study on experiences of hate crime in the city. This culminated in a report which recommended that more be done to tackle hate crime generally, and misogyny in particular.

As a result, in 2016 Nottinghamshire Police became the first police in the country to allow women and girls to report cases  of misogyny, offer support to victims and investigate perpetrators.




Why it matters

Classifying misogyny as a hate crime means that hateful attitudes to women in our society are being challenged and that women can walk taller on our streets, knowing that they are taken seriously. It also allows police forces to intervene and thus prevent more serious cases of violence from taking place later down the line.

A few police forces have voluntarily followed in Nottinghamshire’s steps, such as Avon and Somerset Police. But much more needs to be done. There are over 30 more police forces that don't treat misogyny as a hate crime and studies show that an overwhelming majority of young women (85%) and nearly half (45%) of all women have been sexually harassed in public places. Yet, only one in ten receives help after these incidents.

Our opportunity: MPs are voting today!

On Wednesday 5th September MPs will be voting on the Voyeurism Bill. An amendment to the Bill has been put forward by Stella Creasy MP which, if approved, would make misogyny a recordable hate crime for all police forces across the country.

Get involved: please write to your MP now, urging them to attend the debate and vote in favour of making misogyny a hate crime.


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