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Fair Energy Campaign


Looking at the world today, we see our energy consumption spewing dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and contributing to climate change that hits the poorest hardest. Meanwhile, households often remain on overpriced tariffs through overcomplicated and unclear policies. Our listening campaigns in 2013 found that energy bills often are a significant factor in why people fall into debt.

The Fair Energy Campaign is a volunteer-led movement, to shift the market through a community's purchasing decisions. Through shifting our energy suppliers, we can put pressure on the market to prevent harm to people and the planet. Unlike switching websites, Citizens UK do not earn a referral fee.

We are calling for energy companies to:

1) End "tease and squeeze" pricing - the practice of luring people into low energy prices for a year, only to increase it to the legal maximum tariff. This can often increase as much as 40%

2) 100% renewable electricity - in their fuel energy mix as reported to Ofgem 

In 2020, the Fair Energy Campaign is working with faith groups & community organisations to become Fair Energy Hubs, switching their buildings and encouraging people to switch to one of three energy suppliers.

We are recommending London Power, ​Bulb​ and Octopus Energy​.

  • London Power was founded by the Mayor of London and powered by Octopus Energy
  • Octopus Energy are the only Which? recommended energy supplier
  • uSwitch named Bulb the ‘Best Deal For You’ 2019

A few other suppliers offer slightly cheaper tariffs (although don't tend to be much cheaper), but the fair and green practices, London Power, Octopus Energy and Bulb are committed to make them the most ethical choice around and the most economical long-term.

For more info, contact fairenergy@citizensuk.org

Fair Energy Campaign workshop with St James' Church, Clapton, Hackney Foodbank and Money A+E

St John, Hoxton's Big Switch Day for the Fair Energy Campaign, with Loughborough University London and the elected Mayor of Hackney

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