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Donate to London Citizens

Our London 2020 Mayoral Assembly at the Copperbox Arena is going to cost £70,000.

We've already raised £40k through funding bodies, but this is our struggle and by raising our own money towards the Assembly we are safeguarding the independence of our organising journey.

Large Assemblies are expensive to run because they involve a range of costs, from the venue and logistics, to communication materials and professional photography.

This page handles one-off donations, if you'd prefer to make a monthly donation please click here to be directed to the appropriate page. 

Alternatively, you can also text LONDONCITIZENS to 70085 to donate £10

Donations made here are handled by Citizens UK but are digitally earmarked and wholly spent on the London Mayoral 2020 Assembly.

£45.00 raised
GOAL: £10,000.00