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Thanks for supporting our 30 year anniversary appeal

We are launching this appeal to mark 30 years of reweaving the fabric of society, strengthening democracy and organising for the common good - and ensure we can secure this legacy for the future.

Together we've won pay rises for thousands of the lowest paid workers, seen off exploitative loan sharks, ended the cruel detention of children in deportation centres and much more.

But none of this would have been possible without our Community Organisers, embedded in our neighbourhoods and dedicated to building the capacity of our leaders and communities to participate in public life and achieve change together.

Behind every one of our major national campaigns - from the Real Living Wage, Good Jobs, Welcome Refugees and more - as well as the many regional and local campaigns there has always been a Citizens Organiser.

To continue this invaluable organising work, we need to raise £200,000.

Can you contribute? You can donate using the form on the left-hand side.

The money raised will enable us to offer permanent, high quality opportunities for young Organisers from underrepresented communities and to secure Citizens UK's continued role in building a healthy democracy with civil society at its heart.

Thank you - here's to another 30 years organising for the common good!

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