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Organising Civil Society during Covid-19

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Citizens UK launched a rapid listening campaign across its 450 member organisations, to identify the main concerns that local communities are facing in this unexpected new era of social distancing. Across UK regions and faith communities, a real sense of unpreparedness around digital technology emerged with community leaders attempting to teach themselves in a matter of just a few days how to live stream or host video calls in a bid both to meet the practical needs of their congregations and parishes – such as arranging phone calls for those who are isolated and food deliveries for the elderly – while also switching to online forms of worship as all three Abrahamic faiths prepared to mark Passover, Easter and Ramadan respectively.

Our response

During the lockdown Citizens UK ran a weekly ‘Organising Civil Society in Covid-19’ session online. Hundreds of leaders participated from every chapter across Citizens UK, sharing experiences and learning on Covid-related issues such as bereavement and grief, volunteer training, and staying relational, as well as encouraging action on issues such as the Living Wage for Careworkers, mental health and Black Lives Matter.

Learning for Autumn 2020 and beyond

The feedback on those Thursday afternoon sessions was really positive, and so as we face the prospect of a difficult winter and a continuation of restrictions on all our lives, Citizens UK has decided to fomalise ‘Learning Thursdays’ to ensure that you continue to gain skills in community leadership that will help you and your organisation. Every Thursday afternoon from 16:00-17:15 we will offer a free learning opportunity. Click here to read more about the schedule and how to register.


Our 'Organising Civil Society in Covid-19' webinar series: