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Community Land Trust

When the Olympic bid team wanted to bring the Olympic Games to London, they looked to local communities for support. London Citizens gave support on condition that there would be benefits for local people, including a legacy of genuinely affordable homes through a Community Land Trust. Before committing to providing CLT homes on the Olympic Park, a condition was set for London Citizens. Show us that it works in London by providing a pilot CLT development which will prove the viability of an urban CLT.

In 2007 London Citizens set up an independent, non-profit membership organisation called the East London Community Land Trust (ELCLT). ELCLT entered a partnership with the GLA, Galliford Try (Linden Homes) and Peabody Housing Association to develop the pilot urban CLT on the site of St Clements Hospital in Mile End. The first 23 urban CLT homes will be sold throughout 2016.

To find out more about the ELCLT, visit the website: www.londonclt.org

In response, the London Legacy Development Corporation included a requirement for at least 20 homes on the Eastwick and Sweetwater neighbourhood should be CLT homes.

In 2015, local community groups in Lewisham, Croydon and Southwark asked if ELCLT would extend their remit and work with them south of the river too. Knowing the time and energy it took to form the organisation, ELCLT agreed to change its name to London CLT.

Since then, London CLT has been working with local groups in 5 boroughs to ensure St Clements is not just a one-off, but a catalytic first of many CLTs across the capital.

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