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Civil Society urged to act and unlock the potential of British Muslims for the benefit of all


Today, Monday 3rd July, Citizens UK is pleased to receive the report, The Missing Muslims – Unlocking British Muslim Potential for the Benefit of All, and its recommendations, from an independent group of Commissioners, chaired by the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve MP, QC.

The Commission was set up to examine the ways in which the participation of Muslims in the public and community life of our country, outside of their own faith groups, might be improved.

Over the last 18-months the Commissioners, comprising high profile names from the world of business, academia, politics and faith travelled to hearings across the UK to listen to more than 500 hours of testimonies and evidence detailing the experiences of Muslim and non-Muslim individuals.

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Launch of the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life Report


The Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life is delighted to announce the launch of its report on Monday 3rd July. Entitled "The Missing Muslims" the report seeks to explore how civil society can help unlock British Muslim potential for the benefit of all. 

Chaired by Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, the Commission brought together several Commissioners (drawn from a wide cross section of British society) to consider how the Muslim community could better engage and participate in public life. It sought to identify examples of best practice, alongside better understanding what the key challenges may be for Muslim communities in Britain.


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Us Together: Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life.


Last July, as a young adult member of The Salvation Army Corps in Stepney, I was invited to take part in a BBC Radio 4 recorded discussion, marking the launch into the Citizens UK Commission into Islam, Participation and Public Life.  Gathered together in a room in the East London Mosque were a group of young people from different backgrounds, responding to comments made by David Cameron in his speech about extremism, and discussing the young British Muslim identity.  I heard a cry of pain graciously articulated amongst those present that I had not fully recognised before. My eyes were opened for the first time to how multi-faceted the issues facing British Muslims are. We could never have imagined the situation that we see now, a year later.

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Aims of the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life



Launched on the 10th of September 2015, the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life brings together 20 Commissioners to investigate the extent to which Britain has incorporated its Muslim citizens. The duties and obligations placed upon all citizens, private and public institutions and the instruments of the state must be based on these fundamental principles of a democratic society; equal participation and self-determination.

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Citizens UK Calls For Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life


Citizens UK, national community organising charity, is today, Monday 6th July, announcing its plan to launch a national commission, chaired by Rt Hon Dominic Grieve PC QC MP, to consider how the Muslim community could better participate in the life of British society.

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