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Citizens Cymru Wales win Sheila McKechnie Foundation award for Best Community Campaign

Nirushan, a leader from Cymru Wales, virtually collects the Sheila McKechnie award for Best Community Campaign in 2020Nirushan Sudarsan virtually collects the Sheila McKechnie Foundation award for Best Community Campaign in 2020 for Citizens Cymru's Community Jobs Compact work. 


The Sheila McKechnie Foundation  hosted their annual National Campaigner award ceremony on Wed 30th September 2020, celebrating the best local and national campaigners making change in their communities.

Citizens UK leaders were nominated twice in the Best Community Campaign award, which awards campaigns run on a local community level.

And we are proud to announce that Citizens Cymru Wales won the award for Best Community Campaign!

Citizens Cymru Wales' were nominated for the Community Jobs Compact campaign, where leaders worked with local employers in Cardiff to engage BAME communities and ensure they are earning a real Living wage. 

South London Citizens were also nominated for the Community Land Trust project, alongside Advocacy City and the London Community Land Trust, which aims to make homes affordable for local communities. 

ITV Wales are one of the employers Nirushan (pictured in the middle) and other leaders have met and negotiated with around best employment practices. Community Organiser Ali Abdi also pictured (end, right)

Nirushan Sudarasan, one of the leaders part of the Community Jobs Compact campaign, virtually collected the award on behalf of the team.

He said: "We are absolutely delighted to have won this award - we let the teams and our communities know for all the hard work they've done."

When asked what campaigners should do to make change in their local communities, Nirushan advised: "It all starts with listening. You need to go into communities, and listen, and find out what the real problems are affecting people. From there, you can build a good group of leaders who can take their campaign forward and achieve real change in their local community."

Ali Abdi, a Citizens Cymru Wales' Community Organiser, later added: “We know that our communities want decent paid jobs and this compact does exactly that. However, we want to call on more employers to make contact with us, so we can continue this great work and support even more local residents in to decent Living Wage Wales opportunities.”

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