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Help us take the Citizens Commitment to your Parliamentary Candidates

In 2010 Citizens UK trained 500 people across the country to form small delegations, meet with their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates, and ask them to commit to working with us to stop innocent kids from their communities being locked up in prison-like immigration detention centre, like Yarl's Wood. As a direct result the government has shut the family unit at Yarl's Wood, prioritised the safeguarding of children in its engagement with families, and enshrined the commitment to end child detention in UK law through the Immigration Act 2014. The co-ordinated participation of 500 ordinary community leaders has resulted in freedom for over 4,500 kids who would have been locked up if the old system had continued.

This time round we hope to repeat that success to take forward the Citizens UK Manifesto for 2015. We are running training sessions around the country which are open to our members, Associate Members and other supporters to attend. You will be trained to form delegations and negotiate effectively with your local Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to encourage them to sign the Citizens Commitment 2015.

The dates and locations are below. If you can't make the right date or if there is not a training in your area then please get in touch.

No trainings yet.

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