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The University of Essex and Citizens UK bolsters ‘Democracy in Action’

Obviously this all happened before lock down ...

University of Essex: Konstantinos Roussos, Jimena Vazquez Garcia, Jason Glynos and Rebecca Warren 

Citizens UK (CUK): Juliet Kilpin

The University of Essex and CUK have been working together to learn from and better support the Colchester community!

An exciting pilot initiative collaboratively designed and delivered by CUK staff, alongside academics and PhD students at the Essex Business School and the Department of Government, has meant that over 25 undergraduate students have had the opportunity to participate in an innovative program that reinforces the value and power of ‘Democracy in Action’. 

All students were recipients of CUK’s widely-recognized training in community organising and have worked with four of CUK Colchester’s member organisations, carrying out listening exercises relevant for the Police Fire Crime Commissioner campaign.

Students have been listening to the stories of rough sleepers, youth workers, elderly and many more.

This project has allowed all involved to achieve a better and more profound understanding of the community in which the university ‘lives and breathes’, but also to discover new ways of understanding and acting on the problems we face by strengthening our relationships with other members of the community and bolstering our common democratic power. 

Among other things, ‘Democracy in Action’ seeks to bridge theoretical and practical knowledge, giving students the opportunity to engage in learning activities beyond the classroom and apply their knowledge and skills in real life scenarios.

We cannot wait to see what the future of this project holds as it is turned into a more established offering at the university! 

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