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Happy Birthday to us !

What are your memories of Colchester Citizens Founding Assembly?  Its one year since we had our Founding Assembly on Monday evening, 4th March, at St Botolph's Church in Colchester.  If you were there that night, then maybe you can still remember the brilliant and brave young people.  They got up on stage and told the 200 or so people attending their real life stories of getting help on mental health issues, homelessness and using buses.

The 200 or so attendees at our Founding Assembly

In the lead up to our 2019 Founding Assembly we'd listened to hundreds of people to find out what issues they cared about in and around Colchester.  And the issues that came up again and again were: mental health - particularly help for young people; transport - and in particular buses; affordable housing and hate crime.

At the Assembly we celebrated with Senior Managers from NELFT their promise  - to work with us to improve how their website helped young people find out about help the provided on mental health issues in and around Colchester.

And we also remembered the work we'd done with Leisure World in Colchester and Active Essex to introduce the 1st truly women-only swim sessions.



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