Students present vision for Thamesmead and Abbey Wood

 Greenwich Citizens with Teresa Pearce MP


As part of Greenwich Citizens, students from St. Paul's Academy, Abbey Wood took their classroom into the community to create a vision of Thamesmead and Abbey Wood with affordable and sustainable housing for families, employment opportunities for young people, and public spaces for the community, and presenting these to Teresa Pearce MP.

Gordon Davis, Head of Geography at St. Paul's Academy, said:

"To promote sustainable change we must engage and empower our students in issues of this significance. It is paramount to facilitate more of these experiences for our students – who are active members of the London community – to become the citizens that are the catalysts of change. Working with Citizens UK this year has been the medium in which we can facilitate these experiences to engage and empower our students. It has been a success for Geography and will continue to be a feature in next years study." 


Gordon Davis blogs about his GCSE Geography students training with Citizens UK, meetings with Peabody Housing, lecture from Alberto Villanueva, Ravensbourne, and a competition judged by Teresa Pearce MP and headteacher Mr. Winston.

Richard Mayne, Learning Mentor, blogs about his students' campaign efforts on the London Citizens Housing Manifesto and Youth Employment, meeting with Greenwich Council, local employers and Teresa Pearce MP as part of a borough-wide listening campaign with 700 people.

This led to Dylan, Year 10, sharing his story of affordability and wanting to stay in Abbey Wood to Sadiq Khan, Zac Goldsmith and 6000 Londoners at the London Citizens Mayoral Assembly just before the London Mayoral Election. Sadiq Khan, now Mayor of London, then agreed to support the Good Development Standard, outlining developments with 50% affordable housing, and a public viability study for those which don't. 

Dylan, St. Paul's Academy speaks to Sadiq Khan and 6000 Londoners


Sadiq Khan

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    students are the future of this world
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    Need to congratulate the whole team, keep it guys
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    It seems like these people really love to live in their home towns. And they are feeling proud to be a citizen of this country. That was so sweet and good to know. According to blog articles there are many people migrating to this places also for better future.
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    Students should volunteer in these activities as it is compulsory to raise voices against unemployment rates in the UK. These campaigns are followed by million via popular UK forums like where millions of students are being connected online.
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