Reports & publications

National Newsletter Issue 3:
Summer 2015
Democracy in Action: read about our work before and since the General Election, including some exciting new projects and chapters.
Citizens UK Manifesto 2015
Read about the eight common issues our members have chosen to take to the candidates for election in May 2015, including Social Care, Sanctuary, and the governance of the nation.
Impact Report
This report is a statement of how Citizens UK makes a difference to people’s lives, and it backs up these claims with evidence. The report is based on consultation with leaders and others who work with Citizens UK, and aims to be transparent about findings.
National Newsletter Issue 2: December 2014
Citizens Take Action: coverage of our action packed 2014.
National Newsletter Issue 1: July 2014
Coverage of our 2014 assemblies season.
The Community Finance Foundation: a proposal paper
Report: The Public Subsidy to Low Wage Employers

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