Our Team - PACT


Imogen Moore - Project Manager

Imogenheadshot.pngImogen Moore has been a Community Organiser with Citizens UK for five years and she has managed the PACT project since its inception. She is currently also studying for a MEd in Psychology and Education which continues to inform how she oversees the development of the project. She brings to her work her a commitment to find innovative ways to bring together diverse communities to ensure no parent or expectant parent is without support and clarity about the support available to them. She is dedicated to developing a replicable model that has parental and community leadership at its centre, that leads to improved parental wellbeing and babies’ developmental outcomes.




Dayo Odude – PACT Health Visitor

Screenshot_2016-04-11_17.14.20.pngDayo is the health visitor in our team. She is responsible for overseeing the development of Parent University and training and supporting the PACT parent champions. Prior to working on this project she was based at a clinic in Lambeth where she had a caseload of clients who faced many of the issues that the PACT is trying to support parents with. She wants to work on this project because she has a passion for how health visitors can work collaboratively with communities.





Grace Romero – Parent Organiser


Grace is a parent organiser. She supports the MumSpace groups and coordinates Espacio Mama. Grace was an expectant parent in the pilot project and lives in Walworth. She is Ecuadorian and is well aware of the multiple challenges Spanish-speaking parents face. She feels passionate about making sure that Spanish speaking mums are not isolated and can access all the services and support they need. 









Kate Traynor – Parent Organiser

Kate Traynor is our Parent Organiser who coordinates our MumSpace groups. Kate lives in Camberwell Kate_head_shot.jpgand she was one of the parents involved in the pilot project. Prior to this she worked as a family support work and youth worker. As a parent Kate is acutely aware of the importance of social support in a non-judgemental place. As a resident of Camberwell she is also dedicated to ensuring that her community flourishes.






Isaac Stanley – PACT Organiser

Isaac Stanley is a community organiser with Citizens UK and he coordinates our Parent Champion Network. Prior to this role he worked at the Young Foundation, as a community organiser for the centre of the theology and community on the just money campaign and as a lead researcher on early years policy for Frank Field MP. He is passionate about the potential of civil society institutions as a source of meaning and support for in our everyday lives. He is excited to be working on a project that brings these resources together with the expertise of health services.