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Annual report 2016 2017

Our annual report for the year ending March 2017 is available to read here. Find out about all the inspirational community organising work going on around the UK.

Find out about how to get involved in the work of your local chapter, or how your institution can join us by contacting us here:



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Good Jobs Campaign Responds to McDonald's Pay Rise News


The Good Jobs Campaign have released a statement regarding the news that McDonald's workers will receive a pay increase, after the first strike in the company's history. This pay rise will impact thousands of young workers – yet employees under the age of 25 are still not entitled to the real Living Wage.






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Milton Keynes' Leaders get training for the New Year

In December five leaders from four Milton Keynes member institutions attended the first of three Action Learning Sets  following Two-Day Training.

Each of the five participants took turns to present an issue blocking their leadership and took open questions from the group.They then decided on one or two actions to take before next meeting.

The overall impact on trainees, according to their before/after ratings, was:

  • 78% increase in ‘My awareness of tools for building relational power’
  • 100% increase in ‘My confidence in my community leadership’
  • 67% increase in ‘My motivation to make positive change in my community’.

“I found the session very helpful and interesting,” said participant Sofia Hassan.  “It has helped me to have the confidence to talk about concerns that I have in the community and be able to approach some of the power holders.  I’m looking forward to the next session too.”

If you would like more information about Milton Keynes Citizens email:info@citizensmk.org.uk  or go to:






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The 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games can leave a living wage and housing legacy like the Olympics

**Limited public release for our Birmingham Commonwealth Games assembly on 7th March: click here and fill in the form to request**

Citizens UK today celebrated the news that Birmingham is to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games and asked West Midlands Mayor Andy Street and Birmingham City Council leader Ian Ward to ensure the games are used to create a positive long term legacy for the city.

Michael Seal, Chair of Citizens UK, Birmingham said:

"We are delighted with the news Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and congratulate all involved in the bid. We look forward to celebrating the announcement on the 7th of March with up to 1000 people from communities across the region. We welcome the Games are a big opportunity to raise aspirations for the city and the region. 

"To this end we look forward to Birmingham hosting the first Living Wage Commonwealth Games, with guarantees on how families will benefit through good jobs & work-experience, with better access to sports & youth facilities whilst establishing a community land trust for housing.”

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Do the Maths


A riddle:

Ahmed, Bianca, and Christopher, work full-time in the same shop in London. They work the same number of hours, serving the same number of customers, with the same job description. Their friend Davina also works full-time, with a similar job description, for the shop next door.

Ahmed earns three-quarters of Bianca’s wage, and two-thirds of Christopher’s. He earns £10,304 less than Davina every year. Why?



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Khadija's Story


This year, 33 students from TELCO member colleges are taking part in Pathways to Creative Industries, run by the Good Jobs Campaign.

The programme, delivered in partnership with creative advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, is designed to build the skills and connections necessary to forge a career in the creative industries.

Khadija, a student from Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets, told us why she is taking part in the programme.




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Neil Jameson CBE, Citizens UK Founder and Executive Director, to step down in August 2018

Britain’s most experienced community organiser, Neil Jameson CBE, has decided the time is right to step down from his position as Executive Director of Citizens UK. 

In his 30 years of service to broad based community organising, Neil has played a central part in establishing the nation’s largest, most diverse and most powerful civil society alliance, representing over half a million people across England and Wales. With a small group of Trustees and funding from the Barrow Cadbury Trust, he founded the charity, now known as Citizens UK, in 1989. Citizens UK now has a membership network of over 350 institutions, drawn from different faith and educational establishments, trade unions and voluntary associations - all working together at a local and national level to win change for the common good. 

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Passports not Profits



Home Office profiteering leaves 65,000 children with the right to citizenship in limbo:  South London Citizens led on the organisation of an action outside the Home Office just before Christmas, 2017.

A Letter to Home Secretary Amber Rudd, delivered by more than a hundred children and young people, urges her to cut the cost of British citizenship for children.

This year the Home Office stands to make almost £24* million profit from children registering for British citizenship. Most were born or bred in the UK of migrant parents and need citizenship to fully contribute to the society that is their home.


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Our November 2017 newsletter

In our latest newsletter you can find out what we've been doing to promote take-up of the Living Wage by more local employers, develop our fruitful relationships with Nottingham's MPs and other news, including the announcement of a new institution that's joined our alliance and become part of the Nottingham Citizens family.

Read the Nottingham Citizens November 2017 newsletter now.

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Newham private tenants protected through Landlord Licensing Scheme

Citizen’s UK welcomes decision on the Newham licensing scheme and renews call for wider landlord licensing across London

Forty one thousand households in Newham who rely on the Landlord Licensing scheme to protect them from bad landlords in the private rental sector will be protected for a further five years. This comes after Housing Minister Alok Sharma extended the li scheme, although two areas in Newham were not included in the renewal.


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