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Goodall Foundation explores spreading Living Wage to its projects

The Robin& Sylvia Goodall Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce that it is now an accredited Living Wage organisation and wants to see the Living Wage paid in its projects.

The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at the Goodall Foundation-an education charity with an international reach, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or third-party contractors, receive a minimum hourly wage of £8.45, and £9.75 in London. Both of these rates are significantly higher than the statutory minimum for over 25s of £7.50 per hour introduced in April 2017.

 The real Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently, updated annually and calculated according to the real cost of living.

As a new small organisation with a simple, lean infrastructure, it was a simple and smooth process to becoming accredited. But beyond its own accreditation as an employer, the Goodall Foundation is also exploring how to roll out its Living Wage commitment beyond, to its wider network.


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West Midlands Citizens secure pledges at Mayoral Assembly

  Leading Mayoral candidates put on the spot at Mayoral Assembly

On March 29th Citizens UK member organisations in the West Midlands organised a Mayoral Assembly attended by over 900 people from across the region for what was the largest non-partisan event of the Mayoral race.

Civil Society leaders asked both the Conservative candidate, Mr Andy Street, and the Labour Candidate, Mr Sion Simon, to pledge to act on local priority issues.{See the impartial candidate selection process below}.


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Local group launches Peckham charter



More than 300 people packed a meeting at Peckham’s Rye Lane Chapel on Tuesday to launch their Citizens’ Charter aimed at influencing plans for the redevelopment of a local shopping centre into over 400 homes and a new shopping district.The ‘Citizens Charter’ includes demands around the number of genuinely affordable homes on site, the number of jobs for local people, a desire to celebrate the existing culture in Peckham and calls to fully engage the community in the process of designing the new part of their neighbourhood.

 The charter was developed after speaking to 1,000 people in SE15 about what local people are struggling with most in their daily lives, holding meetings, public workshops, and canvassing local traders and shoppers for their views.


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Lord Alf Dubs launches guide to help communities settle refugees in UK


 Lord Alf Dubs launches new CUK guide to sponsoring or helping resettle refugees in the UK

 A practical guide to support communities who want to sponsor or help refugees settle into local communities was launched yesterday by Lord Alf Dubs who was himself saved from the Nazis by English stockbroker Nicholas Winton on the Kindertransport.

 Welcoming Syrian Refugees: An introductory guide has been produced by Citizens UK, together with Migrants Organise, the Rural Refugee Network and TERN (The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network). Available via this link: https://issuu.com/theuniversityofwinchester/docs/print_refugee_brochure_2?e=2137537/46284033

It is the first guide of its kind to offer practical advice to people who want to get involved in helping refugees on their arrival in the UK, and is inspired by the large number of people wanting to help. The guide is informed by the experiences of Refugee Welcome groups across the UK.It offers practical step-by-step advice to individuals, groups and community organisations on how they can help resettle Syrian refugees. It also provides information on how to form support groups, approach Local Authorities, and what groups will need to provide.

 Citizens UK executive director, Neil Jameson, said: “Many people have been contacting us saying they want to help and it became clear we needed practical guidance spelling out what help, what finances and what level of commitment would be necessary, if we were to successfully help resettle refugees here.

“We hope this guide will enable faster rates of resettlement in communities, demonstrating that the UK has the capacity and the appetite to resettle greater numbers of refugees. It is also hoped that the guide will inspire other teams to come together to aid resettlement, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to turn their good intentions into practical help.”



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Turning the heat on British Gas over prepayment tariffs


Poorer people should pay no more for their domestic energy supply than others.  This message was today sung to the tune of Relight My Fire outside Centrica HQ, the home of British Gas (pictured), by members of East London Citizens (TELCO), part of national community organising organisation, Citizens UK, who want to see a parity of tariffs across all consumers.

Calling for a meeting with British Gas CE Mark Hodges, CUK wants the most vulnerable energy consumers, those on prepayment meters, to be charged at the same tariffs as other users.


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More headliners announced for Greenbelt Festival 2017

Second set of lineup announcements for 2017

Boughton House, Northamptonshire, 25-28 August



Back at Boughton House for a fourth year with its 44th consecutive edition, Greenbelt Festival is looking forward to celebrating The Common Good.

Adding to the names already released on February 28th



IDEAS: Food poverty campaigner and writer JACK MONROE, global organisational theorist and business elder CHARLES HANDY. Filmmaker, writer and activist JENDELLA BENSON. Catholic political theologian ANNA ROWLANDS. And quirky States-based theologian GREG GARRETT.
More on all these thinkers, writers, speakers and activists here.

Featuring the global fusion sounds of LA CHIVA GANTIVA. From Jordan and Palestine, Shamstep festival band 47SOUL. With his community choir project, RICHARD NAVARRO and LET THE PEOPLE SING. Rising star and soul chanteuse MAHALIA, Liverpudlian melodic pop from CLEAN CUT KID.
More on all these music names – and more – here.

Devon-based poet ANTHONY WILSON curates a bill of Poets for The Common Good, featuring four great British female poets: JOSEPHINE CORCORAN, SASHA DUGDALE, REBECCA GOSS and NANCY CAMPBELL.
More on these literature names here.

Irish comedic and physical theatre from the LORDS OF STRUT. Immersive circus cabaret from MARY BIJOU CABARET & SOCIAL CLUB. Whimsical walkabout theatre with RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS presented by THEM TWO DANCE. And poignant and frenetic physical theatre with HAPPY HOUR presented by TMESIS THEATRE COMPANY.
More on all this theatre here.

Featuring the NINE BEATS Global Collective in residence all weekend. And the SOUL SANCTUARY GOSPEL CHOIR (with Rev. Lucy Winkett) from London.
More on all this here.

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Citizens UK's Safe Passage wins Social Justice Campaigner Award

 Safe Passage, a project powered by Citizens UK, has been awarded the Social Justice Campaigner prize at the Shelia McKechnie Awards.

The awards celebrate the best campaigns and campaigners – whether working locally or nationally, and from individuals and community groups to people working in large organisations. Their interest is in finding those who have made change happen – most effectively, creatively and courageously.


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Camden welcomes refugees to North London

Leader of Camden Council, Cllr Sarah Hayward (pictured third from left), has said the council is committed to housing more refugees in the borough despite having already met their target of settling 20 refugee families by 2020, except for one family who had to pull out due to ill health.


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Supporting Cardiff employers to pay the real Living Wage





The City Council is encouraging employers to sign up to pay the Living Wage to help Cardiff gain recognition as a Living Wage city.
As a Living Wage employer itself, the authority believes that paying the Living Wage is a key indicator of an employer’s commitment to fair work practices and aims to support local businesses and organisations to commit to pay their own employees the Living Wage. 

The Council has launched a scheme offering financial support to organisations who become accredited Living Wage employers over the next 12 months and pay their employees the real Living Wage, over and above the mandatory National Living Wage set by the UK Government. 

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TELCO Celebrates 20 Years of Driving Local Change


 East London Community Campaign Group TELCO Celebrates 20 Years of Driving Local Change Including Securing a Living Wage Olympics and the first CLT Affordable Homes in London

TELCO (The East London Citizens Organisation) today celebrates 20 years of community organising and social justice campaigns to improve living standards through higher wages, increased employment opportunities, and pioneering affordable housing schemes. TELCO is the founder of the now national movement, Citizens UK.



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