Moorlands residents win campaign for street lights



Residents on Moorlands Estate in Loughborough Junction celebrated after a pledge was made to fix their street lights by Christmas.

The commitment to fix the lighting came after Jackie Andrews, regional Head of Housing Services from Metropolitan housing association, visited the estate to hear the concerns of residents. After meeting residents and being given a tour of the estate, Jackie Andrews promised that the street lights would be fixed within four weeks.

Resident and member of Moorlands Action Team Kathleen McCann said:

“For years we’ve had street lighting problems. Every resident has stories about being intimidated having to walk through dark areas of our estate: whether it’s teenage girls coming home from school in winter or elderly people who can’t see where they’re going. We’re delighted that now we can work together with Metropolitan to fix this issue. We are especially grateful to Jackie Andrews for taking our concerns seriously and doing something about it.”

Jackie Andrews, along with Housing Services Manager Jacques Buffet, were invited to the estate by community leaders from the Moorlands Action Team. The residents group was formed with the support of Lambeth Citizens, part of national community organising charity, Citizens UK. The group is working with faith communities and schools to improve the local neighbourhood.


After months of listening to concerns across the estate, residents from the Moorlands Action Team chose street lighting as their key issue.

They decided to invite Jackie Andrews to the estate to hear their concerns. The invitation was delivered in person to the Metropolitan headquarters in Stockwell by a delegation of residents along with a petition, photographs of dark areas of the estate, and a candle to symbolise the need for light.

 Resident and member of Moorlands Action Team Michelle Janvier said:

“Before we were suffering in silence but by working with Lambeth Citizens we have made the estate safer for all of us. We look forward to Metropolitan’s promise of a brighter and safer estate being made a reality – we’ve already seen some lights coming on!”

Jackie Andrews, Head of Housing Services (London South) for Metropolitan said:

“My role is to ensure that our estates are as good as they can. It’s great to be able to work in partnership with dedicated and passionate residents to make this happen.”

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Young Citizens ask Allianz to ‘insure’ Croydon’s future

CVs loans


Forty five young people set out to prove that Croydon has talent by handing in CVs on mass to the Allianz Global Assistance UK’s George Street HQ near East Croydon station.

The 16-19 year old leaders, from community organising charity Croydon Citizens, part of national charity Citizens UK, aimed to prove that young people in Croydon have the skills and potential to work in London’s top companies by showcasing their achievements.

The move comes as global insurance company Allianz are rumoured to be leaving Croydon as their lease comes to an end and they expressed doubts about the employability of Croydon’s young people at a recent skills and work experience summit hosted by Croydon Citizens.

Pius Ofori, Student President of Coulsdon College said:

“We know Allianz might be leaving Croydon and they have questioned the talent of our young people. We just want to say to Allianz that we hope you stay and want send a clear message that Croydon’s young people have the potential and talent to excel in your work force. We just need a chance to prove ourselves to you.”

As well as showcasing their talent, the students, from Coulsdon and Croydon colleges, also wanted to raise the profile of Croydon Citizen’s youth employability project FirstStepCroydon. The project seeks to work with local employers and the council to ensure that young people in Croydon have the work experience and employability training to succeed in the job market.

As part of FirstStepCroydon 14 employers have committed to investing in Croydon’s young people. The council and Croydon BID have each pledged to organise 50 work experience placements and other companies such as tech leader DotMailer have pledged to undertake skills training such as programming and interview sessions.

Abdul Jelloh Jelloh from Croydon College said:

“This is an exciting time for business in Croydon. We welcome all employers in the borough, from small businesses to global leaders, to join FirstStepCroydon and work with us to invest in our young people.

“It’s a tough job market out there, and it’s particularly hard if people believe the negative stereotypes about Croydon – especially after the riots. That’s why we want businesses to work with schools, colleges and young people to help us take that First Step to employment and we hope that Allianz will be at the forefront of this.”

Speaking to the Croydon Advertiser following the action, Allianz Global Assistance CEO Serge Corel said:

“FirstStepCroydon and Croydon Citizens should be applauded for taking the initiative in working to create prospects for the youth in the local area.

“We are going to be in touch with their representatives very soon to discuss ways in which we might be able to work together.”

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Supporting Living Wage Employers locally

Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, and Rhys More, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, celebrate the accreditation of Cambridge's Caffe Sicilia with Anthony Day earlier this year.
Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, and Rhys More, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, celebrate the accreditation of Cambridge's Caffe Sicilia with Anthony Day earlier this year.

Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, and Rhys More, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, celebrate the accreditation of Cambridge’s Caffe Sicilia with Anthony Day earlier this year.

The Living Wage Foundation, an initiative of Citizens UK, has accredited nearly 1,000 Living Wage Employers! The Foundation offer a fairtrade mark for employers that commit to pay the Living Wage.

The Living Wage is an example of communities, businesses, campaigners and faith groups coming together to find practical, non-statutory means to address working poverty and strengthen families.

At Citizens UK we are keen to engage Parliamentarians in congratulating employers on taking the voluntary step of implementing the Living Wage.

To find out whether there are accredited employers in your constituency please view our list here.

Please contact the Living Wage Foundation for further information.

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