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MumSpace groups are free supportive parent groups where mums meet to share the ups and downs of motherhood.  All of our MumSpace communities are based in a community setting. There are toys and activities for children and then there is a chance for parents to discuss or to hear guidance from an external organisation on topics relevant for parents. All of our groups are co-lead by parents who agree the topics for the coming weeks. We are also starting to explore DadSpace groups.

Camberwell MumSpace, Friday 10am - 12noon, Camberwell Salvation Army, 105 Lomond Grove, SE5 7HG (close to Camberwell Court and Camberwell Library just near Camberwell Green)

Walworth MumSpace, Tuesday 9.15-11.30am term time, Surrey Square Primary School, SE17 2JY (Surrey Square is on the Aylesbury Estate between Thurlow Street and Old Kent Road)

For more information and to refer families contact Kate on 07821 447526 or at

Espacio Mama

Espacio Mama is MumSpace for Spanish speaking mums. It began because lots of mums who spoke Spanish would attend MumSpace and then not return because they didn’t feel they could participate in conversations with their limited English and lots of them had similar experiences when engaging with health services. MumSpace is a partnership of English for Action who provide English classes and Latin American Women’s rights who provide expert support and signposting in Spanish.

Espacio Mama Friday 12:30 – 14:00, Camberwell Salvation Army, 105 Lomond Grove, SE5 7HG (close to Camberwell Court and Camberwell Library just near Camberwell Green)

For more information and to refer families contact contact Grace on 07561070518 or at

Baby Bank

You can refer struggling families to the Baby Bank to receive support with practical items they need like baby clothing, cots, buggies, blankets and more. Please call or tell them to come along on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am-12noon. They will need proof of ID to register. We also welcome second hand good quality donations for our Baby bank – please drop off to Camberwell Salvation Army on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday mornings from 9:30am-12:30pm and 6pm-7pm on Wednesday evenings.

Call Janet Martin 07817 489982 for more information.

Parent University

Parent University offers parents and expectant parents a rolling programme of pregnancy and early parenting health education. Local parents have designed Parent University and health professionals and the sessions reflect the priorities and interest of parents. In the antenatal period topics covered include pregnancy, preparation and labour, mental wellbeing, dealing with stress, money management, services and rights. The postnatal sessions include emotional wellbeing, navigating health services, child development, minor ailments, weaning and sleep to name a few. A health visitor and a local parent who was part of the design process facilitate the course. The emphasis of the course is on parents sharing their experiences and forming supportive relationship as well as being provided with professional guidance. 

To find out more pleaae contact Dayo at or on 0776 630 7409

Intergenerational Project

Often mums can become isolated when they have a baby and several of our parents have very few family members to support them in their parenting journey. On the other hand many elderly people experience a similar scenario. One of our mums suggested that we build links with local Senior Citizens so help foster positive relationships, build community and reduce isolation and loneliness. Since October 2015, in partnership with a local Sheltered Housing Unit, and a group of mums and babies have been visiting monthly to share stories, sing songs and have food together. In 2016 we are now developing an oral history project together.

PACT Parent Champion Network

 A Parent Champion is a volunteer who acts as a friendly point of contact for parents who are pregnant or have a baby in their community e.g. their church, their mosque, or their estate and also in other local settings. Parent Champions are available to offer basic social support and signposting to useful groups and services. As parents and community-members, parent champions can often seem more approachable than professionals or outsiders. They are a friendly face that can chat informally, and can identify parents who seem like they might need extra support, providing them with up to date information about services they can access. Parent Champions also run information workshops inside their home organisations about services available locally, and aim to generate discussion about how their institution could work to support families in the community. Parent Champions receive appropriate training, delivered by health professionals and community organisers, as well as ongoing supervision and support over the course of their work.

Please get in touch with Isaac Stanley for more information about how to join the Parent Champion Network at Isaac.Stanley@citizensuk or on 07521288342

The PACT Parent Champion Network is made up of:

St Peter's Walworth

Aylesbury Everywoman's Centre

Surrey Square Primary School

1st Place Children's Centre

Barakah Educational and Cultural Association (BECA Masjid)

Comber Grove Primary School

Redeemed Christian Church of God Inspiration House

Camberwell Islamic Centre

East Street Baptist Church

Camberwell Salvation Army

D'eynsford Estate Tenant Management Organisation (Camberwell)

Brandon Baptist Church

Taking Action

Together with Southwark member groups of Citizens UK many of your parents are involved in campaigning for high quality affordable housing across London.

We also have a team of parents who have also been meeting to discuss how their GP surgeries could improve their services for parents and expectant parents and how they could refer parents MumSpace.

Please contact Ana Ferreira for more information at or on 07516911638.

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