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Martha Crawford

Martha_2.jpgMartha Crawford joined Citizens UK in November 2015. She is the Operations Manager for the Good Jobs Campaign - a movement to tackle social mobility and the growing skills gap through a unique partnership between businesses, schools, colleges and young people.

Before joining the Citizens UK Martha was a Knowledge Exchange Development Manager at London South Bank University in their Research, Enterprise and Innovation department. In this role Martha managed the Knowledge Transfer Partnership portfolio which covered the innovation projects businesses and academics. Martha was one of the co-founders and directors of the AXNS Collective who specialise in creative projects exploring the relationship between art and science. Martha has a degree in Drama from the University of Exeter and is currently completing the MA in Community Organising at Queen Mary, University of London.

You can contact Martha here.





Shari Fearon

Shari Fearon works as a Programme Officer on the Good Jobs Campaign. Shari joined Citizens UK in September 2013 as an apprentice Peer-to-Peer Recruiter, through a tech apprentice programme created by Citizens UK alongside tech companies in Silicon Roundabout - Tech City. As a Peer-to-Peer Recruiter, Shari's role included recruiting and supporting young people into apprenticeships across the tech, creative industries and health sector. 

Since completing her apprenticeship in 2014, Shari has continued to support her team, lead projects, develop further opportunities for young people and help launch the Good Jobs Campaign in 2015. To date Shari has matched over 200 young people to Good Job opportunities across London.

Shari continuously spreads the word about apprenticeships and has taken part in a number of public speaking events to encourage young people and employers to consider apprenticeships. Shari has a strong passion for youth empowerment and is determined to tackle youth unemployment. In her spare time she often goes to concerts, the theatre and likes to travel. Shari is also a member of a debating society called Diaspora Debating Association, which discusses topics relevant to the Afro-Caribbean diaspora.

You can contact Shari here.

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