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Milton Keynes' Leaders get training for the New Year

In December five leaders from four Milton Keynes member institutions attended the first of three Action Learning Sets  following Two-Day Training.

Each of the five participants took turns to present an issue blocking their leadership and took open questions from the group.They then decided on one or two actions to take before next meeting.

The overall impact on trainees, according to their before/after ratings, was:

  • 78% increase in ‘My awareness of tools for building relational power’
  • 100% increase in ‘My confidence in my community leadership’
  • 67% increase in ‘My motivation to make positive change in my community’.

“I found the session very helpful and interesting,” said participant Sofia Hassan.  “It has helped me to have the confidence to talk about concerns that I have in the community and be able to approach some of the power holders.  I’m looking forward to the next session too.”

If you would like more information about Milton Keynes Citizens email:info@citizensmk.org.uk  or go to:






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