Help find 5,000 homes for Syrian refugees


A million Syrian children are languishing in refugee camps.  Kids are drowning trying to reach safety.  The UK has so far resettled only around 200 Syrian refugees from the camps.

We want to see 10,000 refugees resettled here each year for at least the next two years.  That's likely to mean around 5,000 refugee families over the two year period. 

Citizens UK has been campaigning for a year to get local authorities to pledge to resettle just 50 refugees each.  Many councils are willing, but they need our help to find appropriate homes for families in the private rented sector.  We desperately need landlords to join our Homes for Resettled Refugees Register. 

Please sign up on the Homes for Resettled Refugees Register if you:

  • own a family-sized rental property in the UK;
  • would be prepared to offer it as a home for a Syrian refugee family if it is vacant when there is demand in your area;
  • can offer a 3 year tenancy to enable the family to have some stability when they arrive;
  • are able rent out the property for the Local Housing Allowance Rate in your area. The first 12 months of the rent will be paid for by the European Union under a scheme for placing vulnerable refugees.

If you match these criteria, please register below.  If you do not, please try and find landlords and letting agents in your area who might help, and get them to sign up.

What is the name of the landlord who has made the commitment?

If you are the landlord, please enter your own name.

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