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Pathways to Health


A 6-month programme for those interested in a career in the healthcare sector – delivered in partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. While participating in this programme students will take part in a series of workshops led by UCLH, Barts and J.P. Morgan. Pathways to Health offers a Level 3 apprenticeship, which lasts between 12-18 months. Some of the roles available include Healthcare Assistant; Pharmacy Technician; Preoperative Assistant and Business Administration.


Pathways to Engineering


A 6-month programme for those interested in a career in the engineering sector – delivered in partnership with the design, engineering and project management consultancy Atkins. Over the Pathways to Engineering students will take part in workshops at their school/college, Atkins and J.P. Morgan. Those will allow students to develop skills to solve a local problem in their community by using technology and engineering. Pathways to Engineering offers a 12+ months Level 3 apprenticeship. 


Pathways to Media and Creative Industries


A 7-month programme for those interested in a career in the creative communications sector – with a choice of two pathways delivered in partnership with the global media agency OMD International and the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy. Students who will choose the OMD Fast Forward programme will attend 9 workshops on insights, ideas and results. Additionally there is the Wieden + Kennedy Good Jobs Programme, which will teach students about creative advertising during 4 workshops delivered in their office space. Students from both programmes will also work on solving a social problem by using digital media and/or advertising, which will lead to a pitch where students will present their ideas to OMD or Wieden + Kennedy employers. The apprenticeship length is 9-12 months at OMD and 1 month summertime at Wieden + Kennedy. 


  • In addition to the vocational pathways, all students undertake employability skills training led by the Good Jobs Campaign team and  J.P. Morgan and an independent team project to apply their learning to solve a community challenge.


  • They receive support from workplace mentors to develop a personalised development plan, a reference at the end of the programme, and the opportunity to apply to high quality apprenticeships, paid internships and work experience opportunities with our partner employers.


  • Young people access the programmes through participating schools.




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