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Another step forward on the long, long road to fair credit


David Barclay, Faith in Public Life Officer at the Contextual Theology Centre, and organiser on the Citizens UK Just Money campaign writes: This is the day that many thought would never come. It is now almost five years since a

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Redbridge Citizens Tackling Street Drinking in Ilford


Moved by the stories of street drinking in Ilford and inspired by other stories of success in taking action against street drinking by Nottingham Citizens, Redbridge Citizens had its first meeting last night to tackle this major issue. A diverse array

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Citizens UK supports ShareAction petition calling on Tesco to pay its staff the Living Wage


ShareAction has launched an online petition asking Tesco, the UK’s biggest private sector employer, to commit to paying staff a Living Wage. The petition, already supported by almost 4,000 people, will be delivered to the Tesco board at its AGM

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