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Peckham Votes Yes to Launching Peckham Citizens


On Thursday 20th November, 94 people from 17 institutions across Peckham came together at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, on Rye Lane, for the Peckham Citizens Commissioning Assembly. The group unanimously voted to work towards founding a formal alliance of civic

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Supporting Living Wage Employers locally

Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, and Rhys More, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, celebrate the accreditation of Cambridge's Caffe Sicilia with Anthony Day earlier this year.

The Living Wage Foundation, an initiative of Citizens UK, has accredited nearly 1,000 Living Wage Employers! The Foundation offer a fairtrade mark for employers that commit to pay the Living Wage. The Living Wage is an example of communities, businesses,

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130 Peckham Residents Join Credit Union


On Monday 27th October, over 130 people in Peckham joined their local credit union together. A group of Peckham residents delivered the applications to the credit union to highlight the services offered by the local credit union as an alternative

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