‘Le'Learning through Action'arning Through Action’

A Citizens UK Community Organising toolkit for schools. It is based on the 20 years experience of working within London schools that has demonstrated its potential for engaging young people in becoming active citizens. Increasingly schools are also realising the value of community organising as an effective means for building community relations and influencing issues that are important to students, parents and staff.  This toolkit includes five practical case studies including the evaluation of Ark Academy as part of the Nesta Neighbourhood Challenge which has funded the development of this toolkit.

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London Citizens 2012 Annual Report

“The past year has seen significant and high profile wins for London Citizens. We secured 1,800 Olympic jobs for east London residents at the first ever Living Wage Olympics. The London Mayoral Accountability Assembly saw 2,000 citizens holding Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone to account. We secured the first ever Community Land Trust housing development agreement in east London and over 300 CitySafe havens have been established across London.”

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Homelessness & Hope
Shocked by stories of a family of four in a single bed, a young man sleeping in a cemetery and people being denied even basic human dignity six independent commissioners undertook and successfully completed one of the largest pieces of peer led research into destitution in Britain and substantially the deepest piece of research done in Nottingham.

Launched in front of over 200 people and with commitments to negotiate on our findings from Nottingham City Council, the UK Border Agency and G4S our team is now working to see their recommendations realised in Nottingham to ensure some of the most vulnerable in our city are supported and that taxpayers receive value for money in the services offered.

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Beyond the State – University of Birmingham
“Community Organising has a long and international tradition. It offers ways for communities to recognise their common interests and mobilise to achieve change. Often their target is government, and their desire is to redress disadvantage by actively campaigning for changes in policy and practice. Sometimes this is to overcome the effects of existing policy, but it is also about shaping emerging policy to ensure that affected communities become beneficiaries rather than bearing the costs.”

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Citizens’ Inquiry into the Tottenham Riots – The Report

The Citizens’ Inquiry into the Tottenham Riots was a community-led response to the riots that rocked Britain in August 2011. The report outlines the inquiry’s findings, recommendations and the Citizens’ Work Plan – a plan of action to be conducted by local community leaders in 2012 and beyond. It was led by nine commissioners including Dawn Ferdinand, head teacher at the Willow Primary School in Broadwater Farm, Symeon Brown, co-founder of Haringey Young People Empowered, and Reverend Bunmi Fagbemi, Area Dean for East Haringey.The commissioners were supported by a board of advisors including Tunde Okewale, barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, Michael Kelly, head of CSR at KPMG and Andy Hull, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research.The inquiry was commissioned by North London Citizens, an alliance of 40 civic institutions including schools, colleges and universities, churches, mosques, and synagogues.

Relevant news articles:London riots: Tottenham residents’ inquiry launched
Joblessness and ‘toxic relations’ with police are blamed for Tottenham riot
David Lammy condemns police for failing to show up at riots meeting


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London Citizens Annual Report – 2011

“The report is studded with eloquent and vivid evidence of how collective community action can take us toward the world as it should be. It is a delight to read and, more broadly, a priviledge to be associated with a movement unique in its politics and very special in its ambition”Paul O’Shea, Chair of Trustees – London Citizens

Along side stories of action from through the year this report details information about our membership, training courses, funding and financial activities.


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Local Jobs for Local People

In light of the economic climate and rising concerns about high levels of unemployment, TELCO commissioned Geography students at Queen Mary University to explore how community networks can be used to help unemployed people to get into work. In doing so, it has provided students with an opportunity to leave the lecture room and apply theory into practice.Listed below are the research questions that have guided this study:How successful has the LC–LOCOG partnership been in helping local people into employment?How does this compare to other ways of looking for and securing employment?What are the implications for government efforts to get people into employment for legacy of the large-scale state support redevelopment projects such as the Olympics and for community based employment services?

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Bringing the Olympics to East London

This report focuses on the work of TELCO and its efforts to get the residents of the Olympic boroughs into jobs during the games.The key aim was to investigate whether the London Citizens and LOCOG partnership had been successful in securing jobs for East London residents and how the events organised by the partnership compared to traditional employment routes.Through conducting direct research we could broadly assess whether the power of community organising was a force for good in influencing change to current policy thinking regarding employment searches.

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