Citizens UK is the home of Community Organising in the United Kingdom

Citizens UK started life in the early 1990s when, having attended Community Organising training in the USA, Neil Jameson was inspired to build an alliance of civil society organisations in the UK. Following several years of patient relationship building The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO) was launched in 1996 at a public Assembly of community leaders from over 30 east London organisations. Since this first Assembly, the success of TELCO and the Community Organising model has led to Citizens alliances forming across London and beyond in Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Birmingham and Cardiff. Today, these local alliances bring together over 300 member organisations that represent the diversity and interests of civil society in the United Kingdom.

These alliances affiliate to Citizens UK, the home of Community Organising in the UK which has a strong track record of working with diverse civil society organisations for the common good. We train local community leaders in the principles of Community Organising so that with their neighbours they have the power to challenge politicians, councils, and businesses.

Community Organising is based on the principle that when people work together they have the power to change their neighbourhoods, cities, and ultimately the country for the better. We work with people who want to transform the world, from what it is to what they believe it should be. To do this we listen to our members, asking them about their concerns and developing strategies to improve our communities. We ensure that civil society is at the negotiating table alongside the market and state, so that our communities are included in the decisions that affect them.

We work in local chapters and campaign teams. For more information about our work please click on the following links:

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