Valentine’s Day CitySafe Launch at Victoria and Euston Stations

Valentine’s Day arrives in London Stations as young people take the lead on safety

Thursday 14th February 2013
Victoria Station: 1.00-1.45
Euston Station: 3.20-4.00

Headlines often lead with the death of young people. But the London Citizens CitySafe campaign, supported by the British Transport Police (BTP) is determined to demonstrate the positive work young people are doing to make London safer.

At 1pm on Valentine’s Day, 14th February, Victoria, and Euston stations will be opened as CitySafe railway stations. Students from local schools will celebrate with poetry, dance and handing out chocolates to commuters.

Maria Fidelis School at Euston Station

The stations are partnering with the British Transport Police and the CitySafe campaign – a community initiative where shops and public buildings offer their premises as places of refuge for young people in danger. Each station will display new purple signage to highlight to commuters and young people that it is a CitySafe Haven.

Valentine’s Day was deliberately chosen by young people for the launch, to demonstrate an initiative about loving our community as we tackle the hatred of violence. Speeches will be made by Siân Maddrell, Head Teacher of Grey Coat Hospital SchoolInspector Simon Trotter of British Transport Police, and station managers.

Representatives from the British Transport Police, who have helped bring the campaign to stations across London and students from each school will also attend. Young people at both sites will chair the event.

CitySafe was established by London Citizens, a diverse community alliance across London. The campaign was inspired by 16 year old Jimmy Mizen, who was murdered in a bakery in Lee, in 2008. The Mizen family worked with London Citizens to spread CitySafe to over 350 locations across the capital.

Staff of the shops at the two stations have been trained by London Citizens and the British Transport Police and have built relationships with teenagers from Grey Coat Hospital School and Maria Fidelis Catholic School in preparation for the new initiative.

Each station will continue to be supported by the two schools who are members of London Citizens. Volunteers and students will make regular visits to the stations, getting to know staff and working with them to address any recurring issues.

“British Transport Police remains committed to providing a safe and secure railway network, and aims to reduce the fear of crime and maintain community confidence between officers and the traveling public across the capital. The CitySafe Havens will be a place for those who feel vulnerable to seek assistance from British Transport Police officers and trained staff. The railway is a very safe environment with low levels of crime, and this will act as another way for British Transport Policeto engage with the local community, and to protect and serve those who travel on it.”
Chief Inspector Tom Naughton, British Transport Police

“London Citizens is committed to the long term safety of communities across London. We believe that communities should be playing a big part in local crime and safety strategies; the CitySafe haven campaign is just one example where we are doing this. We are proud of helping to build stronger and safer neighbourhoods and are pleased that together with BTP we are able to bring this initiative to London’s stations.”
Pete Brierley, CitySafe Coordinator, London Citizens

“We are very proud of the achievements of our students in working for the city safe zone. London Citizens supports us in empowering our students to make a difference in the community.”
Siân Maddrell Head Teacher, The Grey Coat Hospital School

‘Euston Station is very proud to be leading the way with the CitySafe campaign and is particularly excited to be working more closely with the local community and Euston Station tenants on issues of safety.’
Barry Kitchener, Euston Station manager

“CitySafe has enabled our students to take a lead role in developing relationships with the businesses at Euston Station and keeping other young people safe.”
Romina Harris, Business & Community Liaison, Maria Fidelis School

“City Safe is something a decent person should do anyway, building links within a community is priceless and all it costs is a few minutes to listen to other people”
Jasmine Bird, Maria Fidelis student

“London Citizens has helped me to develop my sense of community. After helping to pledge to make Euston a CitySafe Haven, it has allowed me to feel safer as a teenager growing up in London.”
Susana Ramos, Maria Fidelis Student

For more information please contact Pete Brierley, CitySafe Coordinator (,uk,  07886444311)



[1] London Citizens is Europe’s largest community alliance, bringing together over 230 schools, churches, mosques, synagogues, charities and community groups to work together for the common good.

[2] A CitySafe Haven is shop, business or public building which has pledged to:
• Report 100% of crime to the Police
• Offer its premises as a safe haven for any young person in immediate danger
• Maintain a relationship with neighbours, police and the local community
• Encourage its staff to attend London Citizens’ CitySafe training
• Refuse to sell alcohol, knives or other dangerous items to underage or drunk customers.

Please contact Pete Brierley, CitySafe Coordinator. Email:,uk Mobile: 07886444311

[3] British Transport Police police Britain’s railways, providing a service to rail operators, their staff and passengers across the country. They also police the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, the Midland Metro tram system, Croydon Tramlink, Sunderland Metro, Glasgow Subway and Emirates AirLine..

Please contact Simon Letouze, Senior Press Officer, Media and Marketing, British Transport Police (, 020 7267 6100)

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