TELCO Report – How we got more than 1,200 people into Olympic Jobs

Think Tank IPPR will publish a paper from London Citizens on 22nd February on how Community Organising has helped more than 1,200 people into Living Wage Olympic Jobs. It has cost London Citizens £60 per person placed in work. This comes  a week after unemployment figures peak nationwide, and a day after the Department for Work and pensions publishes referrals through its £5billion Work Programme.

There are no full figures on what the prime providers are delivering. London Citizens calls for full accountability and transparency of the Work Programme and all prime providers contracts. Specifically, we are calling for information on: how many people have been placed into employment that can sustain families; how much has it cost the taxpayer per person placed in employment.

London Citizens is willing to use the lessons we’ve learnt by helping over 1,200 into Olympic jobs to help scrutinise and evaluate the Work Programme. We believe that there are lessons to be learnt from Community Organising that can be applied to the Work Programme and we are willing to share those lessons with the DWP, as well as with the prime providers.

London Citizens plans to engage with the three prime providers operating in east London – Seetec, A4E, CDG – and with Ian Duncan Smith. London Citizens will be seeking a meeting with Ian Duncan Smith around these questions.

100 people, many of whom have got jobs through London Citizens, will gather on Wednesay 22nd Feburary to hand deliver the IPPR article to the three prime providers and the DWP. We will start with Seetec’s London offices in Westfield, Stratford City.

Report available here.

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